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Measured,Calculated And Effective Method Of Generating Leads

 Completely Remove The Risk Of Throwing Money
Into Adverts And Hope They Might Work.

Leads Are the life Line Of a Business.All successful Organisations Have All Got One Thing In Common.They Have Discovered How To Generate Leads.

Most Business Owners think that Generating New Sales means cold-calling,networking or Throwing Money at advertising & hoping it works..We have a different approach.


Websy® is a lead-generation company Based in UK, we have a completely new  approach that's helping our clients generate more leads, with less complications.
We use advanced internet marketing strategies & tactics to drive interested people to a network of industry related websites, blogs & social media platforms that we own. People who are actively searching for your products & services are encouraged to fill in request for more information and/or a quote.

We spend 45 minutes in a strategy session with you to understand your goals, your business and your NEEDS before getting into action.
• Once we know everything about your business and your industry we carefully create a specific, effective "plan of attack" or custom strategy perfectly adapted to your business. We'll develop a lead generation and conversion plan that will be specific to your business (without any risk on your part). In short, we will identify the biggest profit opportunities and show them to you.

Here's Our "I-can't-believe-it" Money-Back
Guarantee That Will Remove ANY Risk.

You won't believe this, if we don't get you the promised leads for your business (which is very unlikely),we will refund any payments and work for free.. We promise to produce leads at a specific cost per lead and over a specific period of time (the number is entirely up to you and your budget).
We are so sure in our top-quality, unique approach of generating highly qualified leads that we offer this amazing, risk-removing, money-back guarantee. And if you needed more proof, we will not even ties you down with ANY contracts or commitments.

Create Your Very Own Lead Machine

Measured Return On Investment With No Hidden Charges

A Refreshingly New Approach

In today`s marketplace,It is essential to stay ahead of the competition.This requires a steady
flow of new clients and that is what Websy® is all about.

Lead generation is more of a process rather than an event.This process needs to be created
and nurtured in a sustainable environment which in time will transform you client acquisition.

Remember,everything,everything is guaranteed to work or we work for nothing.

Our programmes includes

  • develop an irresistible  proposition to attract potential clients
  • create and nurture fresh opportunities to make your product or services impossible to ignore
  • Create a systematic lead generation machine which is simple and repeatable.
  • link all your marketing together for an improved saving and a better ROI.

Results Driven Lead Generation

We Care And We Act To Exceed Your Expectations.

Can Websy Really Help You?

The answer to that largely  depends on you,your goals & aspirations  and your current business status.We are going to invest our time and expertise into creating a lead machine but use a strict criteria to minimise working with unsuitable partners.


  • You Offer An Ethical Product Or Service And Are Already Somewhat Profitable.
  • You Value The Importance Of Implementing An Online Lead Generation Strategy
  • You Have A realistic Budget To Invest Monthly In Your Client Acquisition Plan.

If However  Some Or All Of The Following Points Apply To You,We Are Probably Not A Good Match And We Can Not Help You.


  • If You Are A New Business With No Clear Plans Or Budget To Invest In Creating The System
  • If Your Business Is In Financial Trouble And You Require A Zero Investment Solution.
  • If Your Business Model Is Based On Lots Of Low Value Sales

More About Websy®

Websy® Is Part Of A Network With Offices in New York,USA and Cape Town in South Africa.

We Are At The Forefront of Technological Advancements In Internet In General And Marketing In Particular.

Clients Both In B2B & B2C Markets Use The Internet To Research Their Required Product Or Service And That Is Where We First Meet Them.

Lead Generation Is A process Which Starts With Offering a Unique Proposition To Start A Long Term Relationship With Those Potential Clients.

We Specialise In Creating Those First Contacts And Turn The Entire Process Into A Purpose


Our Unique Proposition...........

Our Primary Objective Is To Develop a Long Term Relationship With Ambitious & Propulsive Companies.

We Offer A Risk Free Trial Period With A Unique Guarantee To Provide  A Risk Free Environment As The Starting Point Of This Relationship.

We promise to produce leads at a specific cost per lead and over a specific period of time (the number is entirely up to you and your budget).

if we don't get you the promised leads for your business (which is very unlikely),we will refund any payments and work for free.

We Can Only Work With A Selected Number Of Companies Within A Given Industry So You Need to Move Fast To Get On Board.

“Coming into a new role I realised there was a need to very quickly establish a sales pipeline and take the ‘cold calling stigma’ from our own sales team. That is exactly what WEBSY does for you, they generate good quality leads for your sales team to convert.”

Anna Abell

Sales & Marketing Director ( Retail support services in merchandising, reverse logistics and store fit-outs)


WEBSY offers constant helpful support. I have now worked with the same people for the last two years so they really do feel like an extension of our own sales team.

Generating leads is a specialist work so we decided to outsource and focus on our core business of converting those leads and increase our bottom line.Our ROI speaks for itself.


Graham Finch

“WEBSY take the time to understand your business and to understand the ethos of your company which helps them in their success.
I would happily recommend their services to anyone looking for a lead generation.
they were quickly getting us in front of people that the business had previously struggled to engage with.It works because we treat them as an extra member of staff, we have to put the work in our end, but the results have been good and they now live and breathe our brand!”

Matthew Pessoni

"We have been using WEBSY with consistent success over the last two years. They are our first contact with potential clients.
A growing proportion of our new business has been generated by WEBSY despite the recent difficult financial conditions.
Their personnel have always been polite, efficient, and fully cognisant of our changing product offerings.”

Anthony Morten

Sales Manager
Telecom  design and implementation

Our Success Depends On Your Success......

Your Most Profitable Partnership Right Now

We Have Set The Goals High And Fully Appreciate The Only way For Us To Make Our Living Is To Deliver Our Part Of The Deal.

That Is Precisely Why We Are Very Picky About Who We Work With And The Level Of Commitment We Expect.

We Can Only Work With A Limited Number Of Companies So If You Want Leads Now,You Need To Reserve Your Place.

  • No More Cold Calling
  • .Fresh Qualified Daily Leads
  • No Contracts,Ever
  • Monitor,Track & Measure Your ROI
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Full Support Througout Your Campaign
  • Confirmed Cost Per Lead Upfront
  • Best Value For Money In The Industry,Guaranteed

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

You won't believe this, if we don't get you the promised leads for your business (which is very unlikely),we will refund any payments and work for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How Many Leads Can You Generate?

There Is No Limit To The Number Of Leads That Can Be Generated.

This Clearly Depends On The Level Of Your Investment.

How Will My Leads Be Delivered?

Leads Are Captured And Delivered In Real Time Via email Or sms.

Speed In Following UP Those Leads Is Crucial To Convert Them Into Sales.


Do You Guarantee The Number Of Leads?

The Numbers Tend To Vary From Month To Month.We Would Agree Your Minimum Number At The Outset Depending On Your Budget.

If We Produce Less Than The agreed Number,You  Get Invoiced Accordingly.If We produce More However,There Will Be No Surcharge.

Will I Have To Sign A Contract?

Definitely Not.Our Relationship Is Based On Providing Massive Value And Nothing More.

All We Ask Is For A 7 Day Notice So The System Can Be Switched Over To Another Company In The Same Industry.